Welcome to Mri’s documentation!

Mri is a set of tools and applications to allow you to easily monitor neural network training from anywhere.


Included in Mri is:

  • Mri-server: A webserver based on Reportr that allows you to easily monitor training from anywhere.
  • Mri-client-python: A Python interface to the server API for use with Theano/Pylearn/Blocks/Keras/etc.
  • Mri-app: An interface to Caffe to enable easy hyperparameter testing and monitoring of multiple network architectures.


Mri is a new project and is currently under development. All projects and APIs are subject to change, and while incompatability warnings will be released, you should not expect long term stability. Windows is not yet supported, although as long as you have a proper Python installation you should be okay.


If you are interested in Mri, please feel free to open issues on Github, and to contribute via pull requests.


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